Foot Care Essential


Feet are among the most used and useful parts of our bodies in our daily activities. However, for most people, they are the most neglected part of their bodies. People will only pay attention when there is pain or ache on the feet or if there is a problem that decreases their daily activity. Most of the foot ailments that people experience result from neglect and wrong footwear. Foot care does not have to be expensive, simple home care is sufficient.

The most important thing in feet care is hygiene. The feet should be kept clean and dry. Wash them daily and dry them properly particularly between the toes, and remember to regularly cream them. Light moisturizing creams particularly those with high urea content should be used for dry skin. This is not only good for cracked feet and heels but also good for corns. The nails should never be cut too short as this can lead to infections or in – grown nails. Just trim them regularly.

Still, on hygiene, ensure that wear clean socks. The plantar fasciitis be able to absorb sweat and allow the feet to breathe. They should also be comfortable and not constrictive to blood flow. If you have athlete’s feet the socks should be wash – boiled. It is also advisable to cover your feet with shoes in the gym or public bathing places to avoid athlete’s foot and other infections.

To make sure that the shoes do not rub on your feet and cause blisters used those gel filled band aids on pressure points and on the foot. If your feet get blisters do not break them. Instead, cover the blisters with some form of dressing with antiseptic on it. If you want to learn more about foot care, you can visit

Tight – fitting, narrow – toed and high heels can result in the development of bunions. They could also develop due to hereditary factors or if you had a foot injury. Bunions are painful and if you are suffering from bunion pain it is important to use a bunion protector or bunion sleeve to help relieve some of the pain and absorbing pressure. They protect the bunion before and bunion surgery and decrease pain.

Well – fitting shoes are part of the daily foot care. Do not wear shoes that are too fitting and also those that are loose. The toe box should not too small that they squeeze and cram your toes out of position. Loose shoes also risk causing you plantar fasciitis. It therefore important the shoes are the right size and have enough padding and cushioning.


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