Foot Care Tips For Healthy Feet

Massage of female foot

Our feet could be the least cared for parts of our body and are required to work in carrying us for long distances all year around, and there are some general things that we can practice keep them in good working order.

Many people ignore their feet till there is a problem or specifically in the case of women if they are moving from enclosed footwear to summer sandals. This is the point where many will realize how their feet has been cared for as dry skin, calluses, corns, cracked heels are concerned.

Most foot ailments are because of neglect or unintentional abuse, and the biggest cause is footwear. Several patients have complained how they regret not wearing the correct footwear.

One of the most suitable things you can regularly do to take care of your foot is to cream your foot. Good foot hygiene is important and ought to be washed on a regular basis and dried well, particularly between the toes.

A light moisturizing cream ought to be applied, something that high content of urea and one that is perfect for dry skin as opposed to more waxy preparations. Bunion corrector will also help with any corn problems you may have and may prevent you from using over the counter acid preparations utilized corn-plats, which are not advisable.

Blisters ought to be broken and covered with a protective dressing and maybe a little antiseptic oil after washing and drying properly.

Bunion pain can be increased if you wear wider fitting footwear, especially in the toe box area and utilizing protective gel coverings now available online at many pharmacies. The aim is, to keep the pressure off the joint to prevent it from getting inflamed and infected. For more facts and information about foot care, you can go to

If you have diabetes, you ought to seek advice from your doctor to examine whether you are affected by any nephropathy in the feet and the most suitable treatment. Again since people with diabetes have greater risks of foot problems they require washing and cleaning on a regular basis for any abrasions bruises and cuts or infections.

It is also advisable to change your bathroom footwear on a regular basis, to avoid cross infecting yourself from your toes to other parts of the body.

Bunion guard ought to be changed regularly and allowed to dry out and air after use to evade fungal infections. In case are suffering from an athlete’s foot problem, it is most appropriate to boil wash socks and spray


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